My one-eyed Daruma
Winks at me
Every day.
My little Daruma
Swings for me
Every night.
I stare at him
Back and forth he goes
And hypnothize I am.

Daruma, Daruma,
Playing tricks to people
How mischievous you are!

He is a tumble master
Coming from Japan,
Did he walk? No!
Cause he has no legs
Did he fly? No
Cause he has no wings
Did he swim? No.
Because, because, because….
But now you know why.

But on his heavy round pad,
Rolling once
Rolling twice
Always rolling
Over the sea.
Straight on the bouncy waves
Up and down
Again and again.
Soon he saw
The California shore.
And knocked at my door.

“Humpty Dumpty I said!
— No, I am not!
I do not sit on a wall!
Too dangerous!
I may fall,
I may break,
And who could put me
Together again?
Not me,
Not you,
Certainly not
All The the King’s men.
All my occidental cousins were wise enough
To spread the tragic story.”

My one-eyed Daruma sits on a box,
A japanese box,
A box in box-wood.
Large and flat lid,
For him to go back and forth,
For him to tumble
Because he is so whimsical.

But, oh! This morning
My one-eyed Daruma disappeared!
Where are you?
Under my bed?
On my table?
In my drawer?
In front of my door?
Behind my back?
Six times no is no.

I need you!
I need you desperately
My one-eyed Daruma,
Cause you have one eye,
Cause I made a wish
And when it comes true,
You will get your second eye.

Where could you be?
In quest of other Darumas?

But, they are in Japan!
Maybe not, actually.

My back door is open
And among my tulips
My roses and my fluffy sage bush,
I can hear a leafy swish-swish
And a joyful ah! ah! ah!
It is my one-eyed Daruma
And laughing
Belly to belly,
With all the roly-polies of my garden!

How odd!
But charming.
Could I wish for more?
So you will get your second eye.
Cunning little Daruma.



5 thoughts on “Daruma

  1. Love! Vous êtes une grande artiste…et je prends plaisir à vous lire (petit dico à côté de moi). Bon Mardi…Pensées de votre Paris-France


  2. Merci Rose de votre fidélité et de vos bonnes pensées. Le petit dico est bien pratique. Le dico “internet” que je préfère est “Word reference.” Il est clair et assez complet.
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée


  3. So what about your wish? Did Daruma get her second eye? Sweet, so sweet reading though i didn’t understand every single word. Thanks Montaine,
    Have a nice and joyful evening with Daruma la “facétieuse”!


  4. Dear Belle Source,
    Facétieux: voilà donc bien le mot, car les Darumas sont très facétieux. Ils aiment s’amuer, jouer des tours, et passer un peu de bon temps avec les humains. Mon petit Daruma a excaucé un de mes vœux, mais j’en ai tellement que je crois que je vais partir à la recherche de la lampe d’Aladin. Ils ne seront pas trop de deux Génie pour faire le travail.
    Bonne soirée

    Liked by 1 person

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