I Saw a Fox

In a winter coppered beam,
At the end of the afternoon,
Or beginning of the evening,
I cannot remember…

– I saw a fox!
How beguiling (envoutant)
How odd
How marvelous!

– I saw a fox!
– You saw a fox?
– Yes, We saw a fox!
– So, which one did you see?
Because, indeed, there are all kind
of foxes.
Some live in the wild,
Some live in a city
And one says: Fox lives in Edinburgh!

– I did not see,
The one that is frolicking
In a springtime meadow,
And I certainly did not spot
The one that is climbing
A dusty steep hill!

– But between
The country one,
The dainty one, and
The mountain one,
Which one did you see?
The red one,
The blue one,
Or the grey one?

– It would have been
To peek
The blue one,
Sapphire on the snow,

It would have been
To glimpse the grey one,
Luminescent pearl in the wood…

But I surprised…

The red one!
Little imp,
Stealing bread
In a well-behaved garden,
Green like jade.
I saw the one that is prancing around
In a city street.
I saw the one that lives
In Edinburgh,
I saw the one that
Mixes the most impossible worlds:
Urbanity and Countryside.


Observing eyes,
Bouncing steps,
Waving neck,
Lithe flanks
Sniffling muzzle:
Cautious urban hunting.
Lucky urban findings:
Just bread.

Fuzzy silk fur,
Glittering jet eyes,
Leather soled paws,
Supple moving hair
Like wind in the fields:
Beauty in the world
For us to revel.

I saw a fox trotting
Along the ocher alley
Of a jade garden.
Am I sure it was just a fox
Stealing a piece of bread
And not a magical
Dancing the fox-trot?



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